Self-promotion is a time-consuming process and can also be uncomfortable. With experience in negotiation and an understanding of the University community and philosophy, Gazelle will anticipate opportunities for you and promote your candidacy.

We maintain confidentiality, manage media inquiries, handle references and evaluate potential relationships with a commitment to the long-term personal and financial well-being of our clients.

We represent coaches
and provide the following services for our clients:

Future Employment Opportunities

Contract Negotiation

Media & Public Relations

Sales, Marketing & Endorsements

Our clients are committed to success – both on and off the court and playing field. As celebrities and public figures, coaches must interact with the media, the public and the corporate community, as well as manage the personal and private sides of life. Gazelle is ideally positioned to develop partnerships that elevate our clients’ visibility, establish instant credibility and ensure success. Our experience in negotiation and understanding of the marketplace enables us to identify mutually beneficial opportunities and relationships.

Our clients benefit from relationships and programs that deliver maximum results as we develop opportunities in the following areas:

  • Endorsements
  • Corporate Spokesperson
  • Merchandising & Licensing
  • Trademark & Copyright Registration
  • Publishing
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Personal Appearances
  • Off-Season Camps
  • Shoe & Apparel Contracts
  • Trading Cards & Video Games
  • Television, Radio & Movies
  • Multimedia & Internet
  • Broadcasting
  • Promotions
  • Fan Clubs
  • Corporate Customer
  • Entertainment

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  • 475 Wall Street Princeton, NJ 08540
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